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The foil dispensers are awesome! The foil is excellent quality (best quality out there!) and their customer service is wonderful!!! Great company!

Carrie Conway
Carrie Conway

So…I have a little story to tell you guys… I have only used your foil since I purchased the first time. Last week I was so busy and forgot to bring my new roll of foil in, I had 2 foils that day and didn’t have time to go home. I was forced to buy a big name brand from the Armstrong McCall that is next door to the salon… Not only was the foil really thin and flimsy it was also SOOOOO ANNOYING AND HARD TO USE!!!

I knew using your system saved me time, however I didn’t realize how much time. It took me 25-30 extra minutes to do her foils because I had to fool with this box that wasn’t heavy enough and also so full and it wouldn’t come out. The moral of this story is that I am so very grateful for your foiling system and the ease it creates! I will NEVER forget my rolls at home again!

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Thank you for your amazing stuff!!!


Nicole Lynch Lane, Washington Dixon Salon
Nicole Lynch Lane

As a stylist behind the chair, and salon owner, providing the best products and tools for my staff and guests is key! Our jobs have been made easier by having the ability to customize foil and non-cling balayage film to length. We literally have cut in half the waste. Quality Touch has exceeded our expectations!

Leah Freeman, Fuse Salon
Leah Freeman

Thanks to Quality Touch for making the most bad ass Cling Free Film and Dispenser so my life is that much easier!

Melissa Lovenbury, Outlooks Hair Salon
Melissa Lovenbury

I love everything about this product and their customer services is top notch! So glad I found them, once I did, I outfitted my whole Salon with Quality Touch. Keeps everything looking classy, organized and clean!

Barbi Lynn Harris Horn, Sahair Salon
Barbi Lynn Harris Horn

I am crushing on Quality Touch Foils very own, Gary Fleming Jr. today! Gary is absolutely wonderful and the foils his company creates are absolutely AMAZING! I love being able to use them when creating new looks. The foil dispenser makes my job as a stylist easier and more efficient! 1 <3 Them!

Christopher Aaron, Christopher Aaron Styling
Christopher Aaron

Quality Touch Foils Slayyyyyy

China Dukes, Fuse Salon
China Dukes

One of my Fave tools: Quality Touch Double Dispenser!

Cynthia M Valdez, Blush At Bishop Arts
Cynthia M Valdez

I looooove Quality Touch Rolled Paper!! Decolorizer just glides right on, no crinkles like foil, and easy removal as well! Slips right out when paired with their non-cling film!

Brianna DelSanto, Outlooks Hair Salon
Brianna DelSanto

Obsessed with Quality Touch. The clear film is a game changer for balayage and highlights. And the dispenser is awesome so you can choose the length you need for the hair.

Tara Di Santo, Salon Noelle
Tara Di Santo

Thank you Quality Touch for making great products that make doing color so much fun!

Sara Moser, Salon Noelle
Sara Moser

I have been using Quality Touch at the salon and went to do a friends color at their house. I am gonna be honest with you, I felt like I was lost using standard foil. Your product is the BEST!! You have a customer for life.

Gia Tummillo, Monarch Salon
Gia Tummillo

I purchased a new little toy from Quality Touch at Premiere Orlando. Let me tell you, it has changed my pace in foiling! No more stuck foils that won’t let go of the one beside it! And I haven’t dropped one foil on the floor Since!

Tiffani Orr, 52 West Salon
Tiffani Orr

The best foil ever!! Have been a loyal user for many years.

Ed O.
Ed O.