Our Story

Quality never goes out of style!

In the Beginning

Quality Touch was founded in 1984 as the hobby of a housewife. She had an idea that came to her while watching her own stylist constantly fumbling with foil sheets during her color application. She thought to herself, “There must be a better way!” With the help of her husband, they created a simple hand operated machine to put narrow width foil on a roll. She then paired the foil with a dispenser that made the application easier for stylists, bringing her idea to life. However, it did not take long for her hobby to grow into a business that could no longer be supported with only a hand operated machine in her garage.

With the help of her husband and his connections in manufacturing, she met with a local family owned company to find a solution to the growing demand for rolled foil. It was during that original meeting with the local converter that she met Gary Fleming. Gary was the plant manager and played a significant role in helping this growing business automate their manufacturing.

Over the course of the next fifteen years, Gary worked closely with the original owner of Quality Touch by managing all of their manufacturing and shipping needs. He became very familiar with the operation and many of the clients. The day finally came when the previous owner decided to retire. Not wanting to disappoint her customers, and with no family interested in taking over the company, she came to Gary with a proposition. She asked him if he would be interested in the business? Honored by her offer, Gary agreed and began the next chapter for Quality Touch.

Gary Fleming, Jr.

In 2005, Gary Fleming became the new owner of Quality Touch. He had a vision of taking this small company with a niche product to the next level. He knew he had a steep learning curve ahead of him. Although he had more than twenty years of experience converting foil and plastic films for other organizations, he had very little knowledge about the beauty industry. Yet he was excited to take on the challenge. He had a goal to introduce Quality Touch products to a much broader audience, fueling product improvements and innovation. He worked tirelessly seeking feedback from industry professionals. It was the input from stylists that drove enhancements to the original dispenser design so to better meet their unique needs. He also leveraged his industry relationships to bring manufacturing of the dispensers into the United States, improving quality control. He sought out a new domestic supplier for the colored foil. The new supplier offered colored foil that was specifically created for the beauty industry and the chemicals used in the color process. This change virtually eliminated the chance of any color from the foil transferring to the clients hair during the color process. Although these changes seem small, they were important to stylists working behind the chair.

Gary soon bolstered the company’s product offerings to include balayage films and other tools. As a result of Gary’s ambition to expand distribution, stylists now also enjoy the convenience of ordering online, or through an ever expanding group of distributors nationwide. In late 2016, the company launched a true game changer – a narrow width, non-cling balayage film. Unlike most of the balayage films or plastics used in the beauty industry, this new product was easy to use because it did not stick to itself, just the color in the clients hair. Consistent with the company’s rolled foil, it could also be customized to the desired length using the Quality Touch dispenser. This newest product elevates the level of creativity and precision in which stylists can implement creative color techniques.

Sharon Fleming

Sharon Fleming joined the family owned and operated business in 2016 to assist with operations. After retiring from the financial services industry, her passion for helping individuals improve their earning potential and overall financial well-being transferred to the beauty industry. She brings a strong background in product marketing and development, strategic planning, training, project and relationship management, client service, finance, and sales skills to Quality Touch. Sharon’s unique skill set and creative ambition has brought focus to branding, packaging, and building a social media presence to drive future progress at Quality Touch.


  • University of Missouri, Columbia (B.S. Health Science / May 2019)
  • Account Manager/ Solution Specialist – Xerox (10/2019 through 8/2021)
  • Account Manager Representative – Quality Touch (10/2021)


Small in stature but full of determination.  I spend most of my days shadowing my humans at Quality Touch.  When the opportunity presents itself, I announce visitors with the most ferocious bark a 20lb dog with 4″ legs can muster.  I provide endless comic relief to my humans during the workday, as well as emotional support when things get tough.  Additionally, I provide a regular source of ideas for their social media and marketing efforts.


  • Eating
  • Begging for food
  • Sleeping
  • Snuggling
  • Barking at the UPS delivery truck
  • Carrots
  • Barking at anything outside that moves
  • Ridding the paddle board
  • Destroying toys


  • Green beans
  • Going outside in the rain or snow
  • The UPS delivery truck
  • Being left out of anything
  • Going to the vet
  • Baths
  • Birds


My long term goal is to help my boring bosses be a little more fun and creative in the office – and grow this family business.  I expect to have a positive influence on their social media following – because who doesn’t love a cute dog, right!?


Together, this husband and wife team take great satisfaction in collaborating with stylists. They enjoy fostering those relationships to make sure Quality Touch continues to deliver products that are relevant for the professionals that work behind the chair. “We never want to lose sight of the original mission-helping stylist work more efficiently and improving their overall quality of life. We strive to deliver products that stand the test of time, and do it with first class service and support!” Gary Fleming, Jr.