When I place an order online, when should I expect it to be shipped?

Order will be shipped next business day unless you are notified otherwise by Quality Touch.  We will send a confirmation email notifying you of the date your package will be shipped.

How will my order be shipped?

Your order will be shipped by UPS.

Can I track my order?

Contact us at (800) 398-3918 and we will track your order for you with UPS.

How can I reduce my shipping cost?

Any orders over $200 receive free shipping.  Shipping to a business instead of a residence reduces the cost of shipping.

What should I do if I have a damaged product?

If you have the opportunity, do not accept deliveries that show obvious signs of damage to the shipping box.  If your product is damaged, please take pictures of the shipping box, product box, and product.  Call Quality Touch at (800) 398-3918 on next steps.

How long will it take to receive my order?

The Quality Touch warehouse is located just outside of St. Louis, MO.  Generally product will be received in 3-5 business days.  Holidays and weather can impact UPS shipping times.

Does Quality Touch ship overseas?

Please call us at (800) 398-3918 for your overseas needs.

What is the thickness of Quality Touch Foil?

Quality Touch Foil only offers a 50 gauge (Medium) thickness.

My foil feels thicker / thinner.

Federal guidelines allow for a standard 10% variance in thickness from Aluminum manufacturers.  As a result, Quality Touch foil can, at times, feel slightly thicker or thinner.

Is the colored foil thinner?

NO.  Adding the color coating can make the foil feel slightly different but the thickness specification is the same as Quality Touch silver foil.

Can the colored foil bleed into my client’s hair?

Chemicals should only be applied to the silver side of the colored foil. We test all of our colored foils during manufacturing to insure that they will not bleed, however there is always a slight chance it could happen. Ink abnormalities can happen, therefore for best results always apply chemicals to the silver side of the colored foils.

Why use 1235 alloy foils verses 8000 alloy foils?

Iron and silicates heat at a different temperature than aluminum.  This can create ‘spotting’ in hair color due to different levels of lifting.  Food foils (8000 alloy foils) have more iron and silicates in them versus a 1235 alloy foil which can impact the performance of the foil.

Does the 1500′ Silver (Jumbo) roll still fit in all the Quality Touch dispensers?

YES!  The Quality Touch 1500′ Silver foil will fit in both the single dispenser and the double dispenser.

Why choose non-cling film over cling film?

This is a personal preference. The benefit for many is that it is easier to work with. The non-cling film does not stick (cling) to everything (i.e. your gloves, chair, shirt, comb, itself, etc.) during the application.

Is the non-cling film only used for Balayage services?

NO.  Our non-cling film is very flexible and can be used for numerous color techniques including: highlights, creative color, color smudging, color blocking, or balayage sessions. The uses are endless.

Can the non-cling film be used with foils?

YES!  It is a great compliment to foils. Instead of folding packets, you can paint on your foils and cover the foils with the film to watch the processing without opening packets. This technique also makes it easier to remove the foils from your clients hair. This saves you time at the shampoo bowl and makes for a more pleasant experience for the client.

Can the non-cling film be used under heat?

NO.  It is a plastic and can shrink or melt when heat is applied.

Why choose cling film over non-cling film?

This is a personal preference.  Some stylists prefer cling film and the molding characteristics of the cling film.

Can the cling film be used with heat?

NO.  Again, this is a plastic film and can shrink or melt when heat is applied.

Why use paper instead of foil?

This is a personal preference.  Some schools teach color techniques using paper.

Why choose Quality Touch papers?

Quality Touch paper is available on a roll allowing stylists to customize to the length needed, minimizing waste.

Why do educators use Quality Touch paper on stage / classroom environments?

Some educators prefer using paper in classroom settings as it makes it easier for the audience to see color placement against a white background vs. silver foil.

Do chemicals bleed through the papers?

Quality Touch paper has been tested with most color lines without any bleeding.  All Nutrient is the only color line that Quality Touch recommends our paper not be used with.  With that being said, we recommend always testing your products on the paper before using in your clients’ hair.

Why use your dispensers vs plastic / cardboard dispensers?

Our dispensers are made of steel and powder coated for strength and durability. You will not need to replace your dispenser as you would with other dispensers. Also our dispensers will not fall off of your work stations.

How sharp are the blades on your dispensers?

Our blades are VERY sharp!  We feel it is important for them to be this way to insure that you get crisp, clean and straight cuts on our products every time. Please use caution while using our dispensers.

Does the 1500′ Silver (Jumbo) roll still fit in all the Quality Touch dispensers?

YES!  The Quality Touch 1500′ Silver foil will fit in both the single dispenser and the double dispenser.

Can Quality Touch foil be recycled?

YES!  Please check with recycle centers in your area for any requirements.

Are your plastics recyclable?

YES!  Please check with recycle centers in your area for requirements.

Is Quality Touch Highlighting Paper recyclable?

NO.  Not at this time.  We are always investigating ways to improve our products, but at this time there is not a recycling option for the paper.

Where are your products manufactured?

Quality Touch manufactures the majority of our product at our warehouse outside of St. Louis, MO.  We do this when we can for two very important reasons (1) to support local communities by keeping jobs in the USA, and (2) to help ensure that we deliver quality products to our clients.